Peadeatric Endocrinology

Type 1 diabetes ranks as one of the most common diseases in pediatric endocrinology We offer a comprehensive specialist outpatient and inpatient service for the management of all secondary and tertiary paediatric endocrine conditions. This includes assessment of growth and puberty disorders and other complex hormone problems. Conditions we treat


Treatments offered for Diabetes: children and adolescents receive multidisciplinary diabetes care from diabetes nurse specialists, consultants, paediatric dieticians to support them to optimise their blood glucose control and their physical, psychological, intellectual, educational and social development. A comprehensive range of options of insulin therapies may be used, including mixed insulins, multiple daily injection regimens and insulin pumps. Specialised treatments of other types of diabetes are also undertaken within the team: eg Type 2 diabetes in adolescents, Cystic Fibrosis related diabetes, diabetes following oncology treatments and neonatal diabetes.